Region 3 Chess

This is the website of Michael Atkins, NTD, FA, IO, USCF Executive Board Member. Region 3 Chess is my USCF affiliate which was renamed from NoVA Chess when I moved to Baltimore. I have been having tournaments in my Chess Cave and will have the next six player RR in April.


USCF Regional Clearinghouse of tournaments in Maryland, DC and Virginia

This will continue to be a storehouse of information for organizers, directors and players. There are often tournaments here that do not make it into Chess Life. Organizers can attempt not to conflict unneccesarily and players can find more tournaments to attend. Please e-mail me for submissions

The pages - when they appear in bold, they are live...

  • "How to Set Chess Clocks"  This site is a little dated in places but will be updated
  • Local player database...approaching 3,000 games, this collection features players from Region III. Useful to study for prospective opponents. 2014 Washington International added
  • Tournament webpages - future tournaments with full webpages will be here
  • News from USCF, FIDE, Local, Regional plus an eventual blog style commentary
  • Chess Links
  • Photo Gallery  - A collection of tournament photos taken over the years
  • History of the New York Open. Some of the structure from this 1998 page is broken, but the pages for games, history, etc are really cool. NM Steve Mayer supplied some nice analysis of games and some of the photos (Tal!) are classics